Welcome to the Future

Hemisphere offers an integrated approach to sports and talent management. We focus on maximising your earning potential, creating an impactful and lasting image and leaving behind a legacy which will follow you even after you’ve moved on from your career in the spotlight. Leave behind the ideas of traditional talent management. Once you enter this new realm, you’ll enjoy the benefits of being Partners For Life.


Whether you’re an ace on the court, the field or the stage, you should be striving for success off the field, too.
This is where worlds collide. Don’t limit yourself to one hemisphere – thrive everywhere

Talent Management

We’re committed to helping our talent grow both personally and professionally, to maximise opportunities in every hemisphere, now and beyond. We pride ourselves on building lasting relationships that will extend into the future. It’s about more than just management.

Marketing, Media and Sponsorship

Our clients are all unique and we want to encourage them to be themselves and to be heard. Our experience in endorsements, media and marketing will not only build your individual brand now, we’ll help you leave a lasting impression in whatever field you choose, to create even more opportunities for you in the future.

Wealth Management

We offer a full suite of financial services, helping you to build and manage your wealth, plan for the future and make great investments. Our team will help educate you in all off-field matters including finances, tax, home loans, budgeting and investment plans.

Legal Services

Our alignments mean we have access to great legal advice, which is readily available should you need it.

Hemisphere Media


As a part of the Hemisphere team, you’ll be constantly presented with opportunities to build and leverage your individual brand across every platform.